I liked my good joke I used when I posted their engagement session, so I’ll use it again… Jordan and Zachary took their engagement session to a whole new level (heh, see what I did there?) when they brought their love of rock climbing into their engagement session!!

I had no idea what to expect when they asked me to meet them over at Rainbow Mountain (in Madison, Alabama), but I’m all about some good trails and big rocks and outdoor adventures, so I was pretty excited about it. Plus, look how beautiful this place is:

BUT taking pictures of rock climbing is a bit outside my comfort zone, but Zachary and Jordan were sure to show me the ropes. Literally…. (I’m so full of good jokes today, right?!)

So although I consider myself outdoorsy and I love walking trails and hiking, I was a little bit of a wimp on this outing. It just so happens that the night before, a friend of mine had showed me a picture of a GIANT rattlesnake found on a Monte Sano Mountain trail. When I say giant, I mean this thing probably ate at least 2 deer a day. Right here in Huntsville!!!!!! Although we were on Rainbow Mountain and not Monte Sano, it was still enough to freak me out the whole time we were walking through these rocky trails. So, I was a little jumpy, but thank goodness we had little Evie as our guard dog!

Evie LOVES rock climbing almost as much as her parents. She was keeping up way better than I was as she climbed and jumped from rock to rock with absolutely no fear. Not to mention, she was so photogenic and seemed to know I was wanting to take her picture!

Also check out this candid one of Evie showing off her high five skills.

So, Evie made me feel better about the snakes, but this next picture is enough to make anyone a little “on edge”. (There’s another one folks; I think I’ll switch from photography to stand up!)

I am had a little mini-adventure with Zachary and Jordan and loved getting to know them better. My favorite thing about engagement pictures is getting know each couple and building relationships, and this was definitely a fun one! I can’t wait for their wedding at The Weeden House this November! (Secretly hoping Evie will make another appearance.) Congrats guys!!


I’ll start this one off by saying, I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard at an engagement session. Between Parker being the most literal, logical person EVER and Corey having a witty comment for just about everything I said, I was nearly in tears. Seriously, there were at least two times that the three of us had to stop taking pictures to pause for a hard belly laugh. So, here’s a few pictures to prove there were lots of laughs to be had in this session:

And one more that the rest of you may not find funny, but they will….

If their engagement session was this fun, I cannot wait for their wedding day this October! 

Anyway, Parker is an engineer and Corey is a firefighter, and they both love downtown Huntsville, specifically the old historic homes in the Twickenham District. We met downtown and made our way around the neighborhoods, and they were actually able to tell me some really cool facts about some of the homes that I didn’t know before (especially as a Huntsville newbie - and these two are locals!). Corey even pointed out a couple of home that his grandfather had bricked - how cool is that?! 

So, hopefully these homeowners don’t mind that we walked around their neighborhoods and sidewalks for a few sweet pictures!

Then we headed back toward the square for more pictures in a parking deck, where we could see Corey and Parker’s reception venue! I thought it was cool that we got the venue in the background of a few of their pictures too.

Congrats to Parker and Corey, and thanks for the fun y’all!!


Whitney and Corey are both teachers from Smiths Station, Alabama who met when they both joined their church’s small group. They hit it off and then soon realized that they were actually also… neighbors!!! If that’s not fate, I don’t know what is. 

These two are super sweet and put up with me while I was hoarse from an awful case of tonsillitis. I told them I wouldn’t be able to talk as much as usual because my throat hurt SO bad, but of course, me being myself, I still talked their ears off. I can’t help it; I get so excited during shoots! 

These two are Disney lovers and frequent the Magical Kingdom, so of course we had to get a few shots to tie that in too.

Speaking of ring pictures, I loved the classic look of Whitney’s ring:

We had our shoot in downtown Huntsville. Whitney told me that she loves anything rustic, specifically old brick walls. Luckily, I had just happen to stumble upon this cool alleyway amidst the historic homes downtown around the Twickenham area. With the old brick, beautiful white walls, creeping plants, and being surrounded by historic homes, I thought this would be the perfect place for Whitney! I think it turned out great! 

We also found another grassy area downtown for some pretty shots closer to sunset. 

These two were a lot of fun to hang with, and I can’t wait to shoot their happily-ever-after in Arab this fall!! (I vote for the Disney theme to carry into the wedding! :-))

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