After rescheduling twice due to rain, Joshua, Paige, & I were set to meet on a Monday evening to finally take their engagement photos…BUT as we were messaging back and forth the day before, storms were [again] in the forecast for our session. We were cursed!!! So, last minute we decided to schedule the session for that night instead. We thought for sure we were golden!

Alas, the clouds suddenly came rolling in late that afternoon. Staying optimistic, I thought, so the clouds won’t let us get bright golden hour photos, but that’s okay, they’ll still be really pretty and at least it won’t be raining!

And as I walked out my front door and got in my car….the first rain drop. And then it poured. And kept pouring. All the way to our meeting spot in downtown Huntsville. THIS WAS NOT IN THE FORECAST, and it was so crazy that it was almost comical. 

So we continued on and met in the covered parking deck of Paige’s mother’s workplace downtown, and then we watched the rain and waited…which actually ended up being okay, because even though we were losing precious daylight hours, it was great to chat with Joshua & Paige for a while, and rain is so relaxing anyway!

After what was probably about 30 or 40 minutes, the rain cleared, and we decided to go for it. Our first stop was around “the square” downtown. The sidewalk was wet and there was no sun, but the pretty pink blooms brightened us up!

And I always loved these wooden doors at this downtown office, so of course we had to walk by those too. At this point I quickly realized that I really didn’t need to help these two with posing very much; Joshua was always sneaking smooches on Paige’s cheek and forehead, and they were holding hands the whole time, so all I had to do was capture the cuteness! 

It was getting really dark, really quick, so we wrapped these up as quickly as we could, and then ran/walked at an awkwardly fast pace back to my car to go back to the parking deck. We didn’t know what to expect at the parking deck, but I had explored up there while it was raining and loved the views it provided of downtown Huntsville! I think it turned out great!!! Of course I wish it hadn’t been so late, and that the sun had been out for us, but we worked with it, given the torrential downpour we had just waited through, and it was worth it…

If you’re going to get stuck in the rain for a while, Joshua and Paige are great people to do it with :-) We had a great time, and I’m so excited I got to capture this for them!


Hi there!! 

This week I introduced a new offering that I’m super excited about - you can now GIFT a photo session!!

Reasons to gift someone a photo session:

- An engagement gift [or you’re going to propose soon yourself :-)]
-A gift for someone who just had a baby
-A gift for someone whose baby is turning 1 (or 2, or 3, or 4, or 5…)
-A housewarming gift for someone who just bought a house (seriously - pictures in the front yard or moving in would be really cute)
-Gift for your parents or grandparents (Parents and grandparents ALWAYS want pictures for Christmas or birthdays, right?!)
-Christmas gift for your significant other
-You and your significant other never get good pictures together
-You have a good looking significant other who also deserves a sweet surprise
-Just because

SO my point is, these can SERIOUSLY be used for anything and will be a gift someone will actually use. In fact, I want one myself.  You can never have enough pictures of you, your family, or just a marker in a happy time of life. This is the perfect opportunity to gift someone with a sentimental gift that will last forever. 

How do you get one? Simple:
1) Email me at abbieboltonphoto@gmail.com asking for a gift certificate for ___
2) Payments can be made via cash, check, or PayPal, and then I send you the certificate with a special code.
3) You give your happy gift and everyone smiles! :-)

There is instructions on the certificate for your friend/significant other/grandma/neighbor/whoever to contact me (all my information is on the certificate) with the code, and we schedule the session!! Simple, happy gift that lasts forever. 

And PS I basically just knocked out all of your Christmas shopping with one idea. You’re welcome, friend. :-)


I say again: can we all agree that this will be one beautiful baby girl?! I’d say she’s got genetics already working in her favor! And not to mention, these two are so sweet, smiley, and have such gentle souls that will make for perfect parents. 

AJ, Victoria, and I were first set to meet the week before, but the tropical storm rained us out. We rescheduled and were all set to do our maternity session at Hay’s Nature Preserve in Owens Cross Roads, but when we got there, the Flint River had completely flooded the place - like, even the road! People were seriously kayaking through the parking lot, and the only place above water was the playground (which may be fitting for a session to celebrate a future child, but needless to say we chose to go elsewhere). 

BUT, looking back, I’m sort of glad we got flooded out because we ended up in this gorgeous field. And with my photo style being bright, soft light, I was in heaven. 

So back story: We know Victoria + AJ through a bible study for newlyweds through our church here in Huntsville. We had been going to the group for about a year and AJ + Victoria recently joined in, and since we met them they have been so sweet! 

We were the first in the bible study to get pregnant, but AJ and Victoria are only a few months behind. I’m so excited to see this baby, and our little Everett will have a new friend too. [read: I get a new mom friend :-)]

Going back to this beautiful lighting scenario we have here…Isn’t Victoria just glowing?! Are we in a mystical fairy land or is this real life? 

I seriously could not get enough of these beautiful pictures of this mama!

AJ + Victoria, you guys are going to be great. Stay patient, serve one another, and your hands will be full so hold hands and love on each other every second you get! Only 5 more weeks (hang in there, Victoria)!!

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