Three of my favorite humans in one picture – BUT they are leaving me!!! Drew, Megan, and Micah are moving to Drew’s hometown in just days, and leaving Huntsville, where they have grown their little family and created a home. I don’t want them to go, but so excited for their new adventure; Drew’s new job, and their new house they are renovating. This family has a lot of exciting changes coming their way, and I’m so proud!

Of course we had to commemorate their time here by taking some family portraits at their favorite places. We went to the Artisan Twickenham Square apartments, Megan and Drew’s first home together and where they brought sweet baby Micah home.  This is also where we first ran into Drew (again) a couple of years ago! We LOVED our time living at Artisan, and we know Megan and Drew have too, so taking pictures here was perfect. And the one where they’re pointing to their old balcony – TEARS! Bittersweet tears!

We also went over to Big Spring Park, which is where Megan and Drew got engaged, and we were able to recreate some of their photos from right after Drew’s proposal, but this time with Micah!!! Drew proposed to Megan in the gazebo at Big Spring, and my favorite part of these pictures is that, not only did we get to take pictures on the same red bridge as their engagement photos, but the gazebo where he proposed is subtly in the background!

We got a few pictures of them in the gazebo too.

Throwback to when we took Megan’s maternity pictures in the same gazebo (before they repainted it)!

Needless to say, this gazebo, this park, and really, Huntsville as a whole is a special place for this family, and they will be missed dearly by all of their friends. They have been such a God send for us – Megan answered my constant 24/7 questions when I was pregnant, came to pray over us when we were in the delivery room waiting for our son to arrive, and has always been there for us. Drew and Megan are both a shining example of Christ and constantly point to Jesus. Even though they’re leaving I know these two will be our lifelong friends and I can’t wait to watch Everett and Micah grow up to be besties!! (Lord knows they’re both so wild already we’re going to have our hands full.)


I met Sarah and James on a bright and sunny Saturday afternoon at Hays Nature Preserve in Huntsville, well, Owens Cross Roads. Sarah and James met in high school and are set to finally be married this October on Monte Sano Mountain. I cannot wait to capture their woodsy wedding - Monte Sano is so beautiful in the fall! 

We wanted to do their engagement shoot in a similar location to their wedding venue, with the same woodsy feel, so we finally decided on Hays. Sarah was so laid back and flexible, and James seemed to be the perfect match to her personality as well.

We met right after it rained, but the clouds cleared and it was BRIGHT if you can’t tell from the photos - much brighter than we expected it to be that afternoon! We also had to hop and dance around a few mud puddles, but we lived. Of course James had on boots and had it easier than us girls! :-)

One funny thing about this session - I was 35 weeks pregnant, and I had no idea, but I was having contractions the entire weekend. I had stomach pains, which I didn’t realize was turning into labor. My baby boy was born just a few days after these pictures were taken! Shout out to Sarah and James for being so patient as I got these pictures edited and back to them a couple of weeks later. An unexpected arrival and being in and out of the hospital sure can pump the breaks a bit! Nevertheless, through the contractions that I didn’t realize were happening and the mud puddles, we had a great time! 


Congrats to the newest parents-to-be around, Kaley and Bo! It was so great meeting this sweet couple and getting to take a few pictures to serve as a pregnancy announcement to their friends and family. Kaley and I had kept in touch for a little while to schedule a session to celebrate their news, and we were finally able to meet up after a very rainy weekend. You may not be able to tell from the pictures, but it was FREEZING outside and so windy! Luckily these two were good sports, and even though the weather was gloomy, Kaley’s new mama glow lit up our pictures!

The couple just announced they’re expecting a baby GIRL in October in the cutest way, incorporating Bo’s love for golf in their gender reveal. I can’t wait to keep up with Kaley’s pregnancy journey and see pictures of their newest addition soon. Everybody loves seeing cute baby photos, right?! (I hope so because I post a ton of them!!!)

As I sit here typing this, I’m holding my own precious baby as he falls asleep (yes, I’m typing this one-handed!). I am constantly amazed at the blessing of children. Pregnancy (and the journey to it) can be tough and not very glamorous, but I’ve learned there is nothing better. Bo and Kaley, you are on your way to such a great adventure. Remember you’re on the same team, support each other, and build a new kind of love together with your new family. 

Plus, with a couple this pretty, you KNOW that little girl is going to be so adorable. Congrats you guys!!

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