Sylina and Austin’s engagement session was scheduled on what ended up to be a very rainy weekend in Birmingham, so we were super nervous about getting rained out up until the day-of.  Thankfully, it ended up being a beautiful day to explore and take some pictures at some pretty spots we found around Birmingham — Although this couple is so photogenic, you really wouldn’t notice where we took them either way!! The camera loves these two! :)  

If you can’t already tell, this power couple hits the gym pretty often in their spare time, so of course it’s fate that they met at a gym they were both members at in Talladega back in April 2014. Sylina caught Austin’s eye and he ended up messaging her on Facebook soon after. They dated through the spring and into the summer until Austin left for Canada for the summer. When he got back, he promptly made sure that Sylina was officially his girlfriend - as in, at 1:00am the day he came back, the first thing he did was ask her to be his girlfriend! :-)

They’ve been hitting the gym together ever since!

Now they’re busy planning their wedding for December of this year!!


I am over-the-moon-happy for this dear couple!! Tabitha and Doo got engaged on a New Year’s vacation with friends to New Orleans, and they will be married this coming May in Prattville, Alabama. I loved hearing about Tabitha’s planning details - the outdoor venue in a pasture, the mint green bridesmaids dresses, and the groomsmen’s suits all seem to match them so perfectly! 

I was honored to get the chance to capture their time as they prepare to become husband and wife. We met Doo and Tabitha downtown at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens for a few nature shots first. How beautiful are these gardens?!

I loved taking pictures of Doo and Tabitha because their love-bird giggles kept me smiling. Seriously, the HAPPY is just oozing out of them! :-)

We continued on our journey when we saw some tropical, leafy plants and I could not resist!

I just pretended we were in Costa Rica for a few minutes :-)

We caught a few more pictures in the woodsy, Southern landscape of the gardens…

Then we moved downtown and I got Tabitha to show off her beautiful new bling!!!

 And found some beautiful spots to catch the sunset!! Lots of smooches and Tabitha jumped into her future hubby’s arms for some of these dreamy shots:

And one last photo because I feel that this one describes their relationship just too perfectly….

Congratulations and best wishes to Doo and Tabitha! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you guys - from here it looks like lots of laughs and love!


Maybe it’s the cold winter months setting in, but the past couple of months have held a lot of requests for professional headshots! Whether it’s for their email signature, Gmail pictures, LinkedIn profile, business cards, or more, it seems with the rise of technology and social media comes the rise of the need for headshots, and now that I’m looking into it, I can see why! 

Forbes Magazine says, “Whether for a social profile or a company’s website, the quality and style of your headshot conveys a lot about you as a person and signals how you conduct business.” That seems pretty important to me, so I’m thinking it’s time for me to get my own headshots too. 

Stephanie was my most recent client needing some headshots. I loved getting to meet her and her husband, and although she found me through Instagram, it turns out they are building a house in our neighborhood! Plus they are dog lovers like us, so sounds like some fun new neighbors in my book!! :-)

One of my good friends, Paul, came by a couple of weeks ago to get some outdoor headshots for his LinkedIn Profile. Isn’t he handsome?!

AND according to LinkedIn, having a good looking headshot creates an element of trust; shows your customers that you take your business and brand seriously; and puts “your best digital foot forward”. Sounds pretty good to me. 

So while I’ve been wondering why we’ve been seeing so many people needing new headshots, now I see why.  Indoors or outdoors - these young professionals are looking pretty good!

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