After a long week in California, I am finally able to catch up on some blogging time! Before I left, I met with Travis, Sunita, and their brand new baby boy, Rohan,
in their bright and sunny home in Madison, Alabama, right outside of Huntsville.

Rohan slept a majority of the session, but toward the end of the session, he was able to show off his big brown eyes. 

He did not know what to think about the camera!  He has a head full of hair and was content being held by mom and dad, despite us messing up his nap time!

It was such a pleasure meeting this new family and being able to see Travis and Sunita’s house becoming a home for their new little family. So, everyone, meet Rohan:

Hi, I’m Abbie!

Hi, friends! With the official launch of the new website comes the new PHOTO BLOG! Yay!! And I think a first post  would be a great way to introduce myself.

I’m Abbie.  A few random facts about the real me: Most days, I don’t wear makeup and my hair is never, ever fixed because I can’t sit still long enough to do any of that. If I could eat mac and cheese or any noodles for every meal, I’d do it.  I love the outdoors - hiking, exploring, and pretty much anything out in the sun makes my day. 

My [most amazing] husband and I moved to Huntsville, Alabama a bit over a year ago. We had no idea what to expect but were instantly blown away by the beauty of this city and the warmness of its people. We plan to stay here as long as we can!

This April we are expecting our first child, a little baby boy. Obligatory bump pic shown here:

BUT we already have 2 adorable little fur babies, Olive (left) and Blu (right). Here they are being cute: 

Good thing they are super cute because they take up about 80% of our bed every night, and cuddling is their absolute favorite. 

SO, sometime right about in the middle of high school, I started messing around with my mom’s Nikon camera, and discovered I love taking photos. Fast forward to about 5 years ago, I decided to run with my new found love, bought a used camera, and started taking graduation pictures, portraits, head shots; anything I could get in front of me.

These days I’m home with my laptop, another camera, and a burning desire to make things happen! My husband and I love photography, and we pursue it further everyday while also running our little Etsy shop called H34 Design Co where we build and paint custom art and even furniture! Ok, so the furniture part is pretty much just John, but we both get great joy in running our little small businesses and have such a passion for creating.

So, this is us. We’re running at 2017 full speed ahead - new website; new blog; [sort of] new city; growing businesses; and not to mention, growing a little human too. We are here to love and embrace the hard work, utter fear, pure joy, and real-life messiness that comes along with it all.

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