Courtney + Michael | Engagements | Birmingham, AL

Courtney and Michael win the most creative/unique engagement session award, and I love it! These two water babies met when they swam competitively through middle and high school, so this theme was perfect for them. 

Courtney and Michael have known each other almost as long as Courtney and I have. Courtney and I went to middle and high school and college together! We had a class together in the 6th grade and proceeded with years of memories from sleepovers and spring break beach trips. :-)

Courtney and I have been together through thick and thin, helping each other through each awkward stage of life, so it was such a treat to get to help celebrate her engagement with her too.

How do you know that Michael loves Courtney? #1, because getting in the water was Courtney’s idea. And it was March. A very cold March. These two braved some pretty icy waters for these pictures. They were all smiles because - what can you do in freezing cold water but laugh and try to get some body heat? And #2, when they got out of the freezing cold water, clothes drenched, into the night air - Michael quickly grabbed a towel and wrapped up Courtney before even grabbing one for himself. 

Of course that was a big “awww” moment for me, and I appreciated seeing someone take care of Courtney!

So, here are just a few favorites from Courtney and Michael’s engagement session in Birmingham, where we started at Oak Mountain State Park and ended….well, in my parents backyard. Turns out they have some great lighting back there!

We love you, Courtney and Michael, and we can’t wait to celebrate you in October.

Hunt+Gather | Huntsville, AL

Crisp, clean, and professional.

Three words to describe these headshots for these two interior designers and co-founders for Huntsville’s Hunt + Gather (H+G). I love how these girls are making the entire city of Huntsville part of their brand, including themselves. These headshots are fun, casual, creative, and, I feel, represent them as designers and founders of their new market.

Hunt + Gather is an annual market for local artisans, creators, makers, and innovators in North Alabama and the Tennessee Valley. 

If you’re a fellow creative or “maker”, they are currently accepting applications for you to participate in the 2018 market.

If you just love and appreciate local art, shop local and buy local at this year’s market in downtown Huntsville.

Check out their website at

Interested in headshots that bring out your fun personality? Check out more from Christine and Abby’s session and contact me to talk about how we can represent your brand.

Stallings Wedding | Burritt on the Mountain | Huntsville, AL

The perfect dress, flowing veil, and beautiful bouquets to a giant cookie cake and dancing the night away… Bridgett and Logan’s wedding day was…


The forecast had called for thunderstorms all week, and we saw some sprinkles right before the ceremony. Thank goodness it cleared up and was a beautiful overcast day, with wind gusts that perfectly lifted Bridgett’s veil for some magical images!

Their wedding at Burritt on the Mountain started with the groomsmen getting ready in the Chapel (where my husband got some HILARIOUS shots!), and the sweet bridesmaids oogled over their lovely bride! One big thing about this wedding was how the wedding party gathered together to pray over both the bride and groom. I was in with the bridesmaids as they each took turns praying for Bridgett, and rightfully so, prayer was a big chunk of their wedding day.

Then we jumped into the 1st look, where Logan could hardly hold himself together as he heard his bride approaching. I think Logan and Bridgett might win “sweetest 1st look” award! Both when they had their official 1st look AND when walking down the aisle. Check out these teary-eyed images below…

SO there comes a point at every wedding day where I find myself getting a lump in my throat and watery eyes (and I am not a cry-er!). That point came for me during the ceremony, when Bridgett and Logan stepped away for a moment to take communion together. Logan wrapped his arm around his bride and whispered in her ear a long prayer for them, as she buried her head into his chest, listening to Logan.

…Yes, getting another lump in my throat as I think about it.

Before I get too emotional at my keyboard over here - a few other unique things about their day. Bridgett loves cats. Her toss bouquet to all the single ladies was - A CAT BOUQUET. No joke! I laughed out loud as soon as I saw it!!!! I’ll be sure to include a close-up of it in the Facebook album…I have a few friends who definitely will be wishing they had thought of that!

Their guests danced the ENTIRETY of the reception (shout out to their great DJ Keeks (Keke Greer)).

Bridgett and Logan’s sweet dispositions matched each other perfectly. From the tears at the first look, the cute giggles and flirting during their couples portraits, the emotional ceremony, and the hugs and words from their loved ones, it was clear how much they are loved by both each other and their friends and family.

Venue: Burritt on the Mountain

Hair and Makeup: Casey Gaines and Hunter Fielder

Florals: Sharon Hicks and BeYOUtiful Designs

Cakes: Batter Up Cakes

Invites/Paper Goods: Mizpah Card Co.

DJ: Keke Greer

Rentals: Mullins

Bride’s Dress: The Something Blue Shoppe

Decorative Signs: Backporch Studios

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